Commercial Cleaning Tips - Top Areas To Clean & When

Commercial Cleaning Tips – Top Areas To Clean & When

Commercial Cleaning Tips Charlotte NC

One of the top ways to make an office stand out is to keep it clean, tidy, and professional looking! Unfortunately, this then means hiring someone who can consistently keep the office this way which is unavoidable if you want to run and maintain a successful business. What you can avoid is unnecessary cleaning and paying for services you aren’t getting fully delivered. So what you might want to consider is creating a cleaning schedule for your cleaning company to hold them accountable for, which will also help you confirm you are getting exactly what you are paying for. Below is a list of some of these recommended tasks along with how frequently it is recommended they are done. 

Create Your List

With every space being very unique, your list might be rather customized and different, so ensure you start with creating a list of concepts you absolutely know need to be on your list. As an example, if you have a higher volume of people with only one bathroom, then you’d need to consider how frequently your bathrooms require maintenance. For just a few people, it’s likely the bathroom will only require cleaning a few times a week, where if you have a high-traffic bathroom, then daily cleaning is likely necessary.  The information we have outlined below is just a template to start with and then alter based on the needs of your office space or commercial property. So, you can use this information as a template to get started and then adjust it according to the requirements of your location. 

Daily Cleaning

These tasks are basically the minimum of what you should be doing (or have done). Doing these jobs will allow you to maintain a neat and organized work atmosphere for your team so they can do their work more efficiently. 

  • Vacuum commonly used areas to remove debris 
  • Empty garbages that are full or nearly full (and replace the liners) 
  • Wipe down any glass that has fingerprints or other smears 
  • Use disinfectant to wipe commonly used counters 
  • Mop hard floors such as tile 
  • Clean door handles and light switches (this is especially important if there is anyone in the office that is feeling under the weather because you can help prevent spreading germs around to the rest of your staff) 
  • If you have one — put all of the used dishes in the dishwasher 
  • Make sure soap dispensers are filled 
  • Inspect the sinks, toilets, and other areas of the bathroom and clean if necessary. Use a disinfectant spray for this. 

Weekly Cleaning

Here you will find tasks that are more deep cleaning and will offer an appealing environment for your clients and customers. 

  • Polish hardwood surfaces like tables and floors 
  • Empty all trash cans and replace the liners 
  • Clean windows on the inside and outside 
  • Clean out the refrigerator by getting rid of any old food and drinks. You’ll also want to disinfect. 
  • Wipe down phones, computers, printers, and other equipment. 

Monthly Cleaning

The tasks that you reserve for monthly cleaning are the ones that can be safely missed for a couple of weeks without any safety issues or other concerns. 

  • Vacuum or clean all chairs 
  • Vacuum and give a deep clean to the surface areas 
  • Vacuum vents 
  • Dust everything. It is best to start high and work to the bottom 

Commercial Cleaning Services Can Help

Creating a list and following it may seem like a pain, but it will be a benefit if you follow through. Both customers and your employees will be happier to be in a clean atmosphere. Just thinking about cleaning can be a headache for someone trying to run a successful business. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re here to help! 

Our Services Options

We have a commercial cleaning “Options” and a Maintenance Program that is sure to have something that will fit your needs. We take pride in our ability to work with you to find a solution for every need of your place of business. You have the choice to choose from a variety of commercial cleaning and janitorial services in Charlotte or the surrounding Charlotte, NC areas that fit your needs, schedule, and most importantly, your budget. Our commercial cleaning maintenance program allows you to choose from a number of services that will best fit your business as you grow or downsize. Some examples include:

  • Scheduled service: A consistent schedule will help keep things simple and organized. 
  • Emergency “Spill” coverage: Sometimes you need more than routine cleaning. 
  • Low Monthly Payments: We will optimize the method and maintenance schedule of janitorial services in Charlotte, NC to fit your budget. 
  • Deep Cleaning: We don’t stop at just surface-level cleaning since sometimes you need more, especially as floors and high traffic areas take a beating. 
  • Furniture Cleaning: We’ll make sure you have a well-furnished lobby. 
  • Walk Off Mats: You won’t have to worry about unsightly entryways. 

Let Robinson’s Splendor Cleaning Services take the hassle out of keeping your business clean!

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